About Filippo


I’m a web developer since 2009. I work mainly with Node.js, React and PHP on several kind of products: ecommerces, CMSs, web services, apis and web applications. I like to work with different tools and frameworks.

As a developer I’ve always used extreme programming principles and practices, and in the last few years, I’ve also taken into my daily work Lean principle and practices. With these methodologies and their tools, I’ve discovered a lot of ways to have better communication, better working environment and focus on what’s important for my clients.

I contributed to some open-source projects (Symfony 2 documentation, Zend Fromawork 2) and I released some OSS libraries ( github.com/p16 ).

I’m currently working at nearForm as a Senior Developer.

Previously I worked for:

  • Namshi, a fashion E-commerce company based in Dubai
  • Ideato, a company of software craftsmen. There I learned a lot of what I know about Agile, Lean, PHP and software development.

You can find me on TwitterGitHub and Linkedin .

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