Consistency and small steps

Lately I’ve been reading many articles and blog posts on how people find ideas and discover new things. Or how they improve productivity and effectiveness.

All of them seem to have a common pattern: consistency and small steps.

Building habits requires a lot of consistency and many small steps.

Doing great job requires multiple cycles of: studying, implementing and measuring. The smaller the steps the faster the cycle. Making this consistently will give you a faster feedback to adjust and improve (and maybe stumble on something new).

Focus on few things and say “no” to others (consistently). Reflect often (small steps) on why you are doing something and decide to keep going or move on.

Maybe being consistent and doing small steps are not the only things that will give you better ideas or make you more productive, but it still seems something important to keep in mind.

People interactions

Disclaimer: This post has been waiting as a draft for nearly 2 years. It was time to hit “Publish” 🙂


Interacting with other people requires effort. Relations need to be grown and everyone interested needs to put in some energy.

As for lot of other activities that require energy, you should choose where it’s better to invest it. Remember that this decision is your own (like any other after a certain age 🙂 ) so you should be aware of where your are spending it.

In my opinion the best way to spend energy in groups of people (2 is a group to me 😉 ) is when there are two things:

  1. feedback: even if sometime can be hard to take it, it’s better to have someone on the other side who gives it
  2. values: having common values means you have a solid base to build on and to fall back when something is not working

It may seem not enough but to me it’s a lot!


Ready Player One – book review


Spoiler alert! I may spoil something you don’t wanna know, keep reading at your own risk.

I’ve finished reading Ready Player One a few days ago, and I feel this book is… “strange”.

On the one hand I think it’s a really good book, I read it in a few hours in 2 or 3 days. Every time it was very difficult to stop reading it and wait for the next reading session!

On the other hand I feel that the conclusion of the story isn’t well connected with the rest. It seems it’s ending because it has to and not because it reaches a real end.

The whole book is a complex web of connections, discoveries, relations and mysteries. But I felt that the end was too simple, there wasn’t the same atmosphere the rest of the book has.

My suggestion is: read it because it’s a good book, but do not expect much of the end 😉


2014: it’s time for a change

Keep calm and fly to Thailand

I wrote the first post on this blog in 2009. I have to admit that I haven’t been that good at keeping it up to date. But I feel that 2014 is a good number to start with a couple of changes.

The first one I’m going to do is writing more often about my work and my experiences.

The second change is my travel to Thailand. Yes, Thailand. I’m going to be there for nearly three months, working remotely for Ideato.

Roberta, a laptop and a camera will be my partners on this journey.

I’ll get back to you soon.