Ready Player One – book review


Spoiler alert! I may spoil something you don’t wanna know, keep reading at your own risk.

I’ve finished reading Ready Player One a few days ago, and I feel this book is… “strange”.

On the one hand I think it’s a really good book, I read it in a few hours in 2 or 3 days. Every time it was very difficult to stop reading it and wait for the next reading session!

On the other hand I feel that the conclusion of the story isn’t well connected with the rest. It seems it’s ending because it has to and not because it reaches a real end.

The whole book is a complex web of connections, discoveries, relations and mysteries. But I felt that the end was too simple, there wasn’t the same atmosphere the rest of the book has.

My suggestion is: read it because it’s a good book, but do not expect much of the end 😉